jeudi 7 décembre 2006

Conversations new-yorkaises

Je viens de découvrir (via le blogue de Nicolas Langelier) ce site que je n'arrive plus à lâcher, comme si je n'avais pas déjà perdu assez de temps sur l'ordi aujourdhui... Les gens y mettent des bouts de conversations entendus dans la rue, au resto, etc. J'adore celui-ci :

Boyfriend: I'm sorry, I just can't be with you anymore. You're too clingy.
Girlfriend: I'm not clingy! I fucked, like, ten other guys!
Boyfriend: While we were dating?
Girlfriend: Whatever, it was because you're not that good in bed. Oh, yeah, I faked all my orgasms, by the way. And my boobs? --Aren't water balloons!
Boyfriend: Dude. First of all, we're on a motherfucking-packed subway. Second of all, being a crazy bitch isn't going to help your case.
Girlfriend starts crying hysterically you! : You can't break up with me! I love you! I loveI love you!
Stranger, to boyfriend: If you're thinking of killing yourself after this, I sell knives.

--Brooklyn-bound L train

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